Welcome to Local Government Matters

The purpose of this site is to give you, the citizens of the Metro Vancouver region, an opportunity to view the responses from BC's provincial political parties to a series of questions that Metro Vancouver posed about the issues facing local governments in the Metro Vancouver region today. We believe that to create and maintain a vibrant and sustainable region, all levels of government – local, provincial and federal – must work together to address the problems that we all face in an increasingly complex world. Whether it’s funding major infrastructure projects, or protecting the environment, or providing more affordable housing, we need to ensure that the provincial government has local issues as a priority. But that means that we must all understand what those problems are, and we must therefore ask other orders of government to articulate how they plan to help tackle those problems. And that’s what this site is intended to do.

You can browse the parties' responses to our questions, either by issue or by party. And while these are the topics that Metro Vancouver wanted to raise in advance of the May election, you may have other concerns that you want more information about, so we have also included links to the individual parties and their election platforms. We encourage you to visit those sites to educate yourself about what each party is saying about their vision for BC, and how they will accomplish it.

Many thanks to all the parties for responding to the survey, and thank you to all the candidates and volunteers who are participating in the election – our democracy is based on the willingness of people to make such sacrifices, and we are all that much better off for their contributions.

And we thank you for visiting this site. Your participation in these issues is critical because now, more than ever, local government matters.

Greg Moore
Chair, Metro Vancouver Board of Directors
Raymond Louie
Vice Chair, Metro Vancouver Board of Directors